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Charotar on mapCharotar is known for its wealth and prosperity. The word itself says, it is a charu, a pot full of gold coins. The area of Charotar is educationally strong, agriculturally fertile and productive, emotionally well balanced, full of patriotism and charity and religiously nothing less than any tirth of India. Safety of this area is all due to the great Sant/Monk Pritam who pleased god because of his great deeds and tapascharya .When god asked him to ask for anything. He asked safety and prosperous area that is situated between two great rivers Mahi and Narmada. Because of the blessing this area is safe from natural calamities such as flood and drought

Anand is the administrative hub of Charotar region. Vallabh Vidyanagar and Bochasan plays the role of education city and Umreth is religious city.

The area of Charotar comprises of many great and famous stories and facts. Here are some of the cities with their identical details.



Anand does not need any identities. It has world famous Amul Dairy, a symbol of faith and hard work, unity and development. It has brought wealth, prosperity as well as education in this region.

Vallabh Vidyanagar | V V Nagar

It is named after great freedom fighter and statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The city is well known as an education city. The city is also famous as it has top class company, the Elecon Engineering.


Karamsad city is the land of great freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. His early childhood and schooling was completed here. It also has a medical college which provides medical help at possibly lowest rate.


It had a religiously strong background. It was once the holiest place of Charotar region. It had been the place of sants, sadhus, sanyasis, religious preachers and acharyas.


The city played a very important role in the freedom struggle of India. Once the people decided not to pay the tax as a part of non co-operation movement and played a model role.


It is one of the ancient villages of India. We find bricks that are found from Mohen-Jo-Daro. We find a very beautiful temple of Goddess Bhadrakali on the bank of Malav Lake.


The city had historical past. It had a glorious history of the Thakors and Peshwas. It had seen many historical battles. During the time of Peshwas it had great importance. Even in the time of British rule it remained in the fore front.


It is popularly known as the land of historical battles. Even during ”Quit India” movement five young boys were killed in firing. People celebrate this every year on 18th August as the “Martyr Day” in their memory.


When Khambhat was a major port Sojitra emerged as an important industrial centre. It was a very important city of business, money lenders and artisans.


The village people of this place settled all across India and foreign and helped, donated thousands of rupees to make their native place prosperous.


Once it was one of the busiest port of Gujarat. It is a famous tourist place of Gujarat and also a well known trade centre. It had a golden time when it saw ships loaded with pearls, corel jewels to travel far away places in the world.


One of the well-developed education city of the area Boriavi has top schools and colleges. The people of this city celebrate the ‘Batata Festival’ every summer that symbolizes thankfulness to god and motherland. It has many industries as symbol of development.

Villages (Gam) in Charotar

There are many other villages and citites like Tarapur, Ras, Lambhvel etc. which have their own qualities and development in several direction. The people of Charotar area are modern, literate, hard working and calculative. During various festivals like Navaratri, Jamnasthami, Rathyatra and Ganesh Chaturthi they express unity, love and brotherhood. During Diwali, Idd and New Year they meet one another and wish happy and rosperous life.

Everyday life of this area starts in the very early morning. Village people go to farms for their routine work, farming. Students go to cities for their higher studies. Employees go to city for their work.

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