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Charotar.netI would say you are at the right place when you have serach for "Charotar".  Charotar is the land of great patriot "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel" and place where you find a NRI family in every house you visit, It is also land of biggest dairy in the entire Asia called Amul. Every citizen of charotar contributing to make this land more valuable.

Charotar.net is also booming from the same land, We are offering or plan to offer many online service that can help you to reach your goal easily and quickly.  We are plan to offer you followng services over the time. There are more services will be added for your interest.

We are at Chrotar.net, here for sharing useful information to our users and making charotar bright in the world of internet. Feel free to make any contribution in terms of adding information and suggestion.

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