Anand City and District of Gujarat State

AnandAnand district has 353 villages in its eight talukas, viz Anand, Ankalav, Borsad, Khambhat, Petlad, Sojitra, Tarapur and Umreth. Anand has the special distinction of being the mother town from where the white revolution of the cooperative milk processing and marketing originated. Anand the headquarter of the district is the headquarter of the N D D B and Amul Dairy.

A large number of residence of villages of this district have migrated to many African as well as western countries and these NRG's have immensely contributed in setting up many educational, health and infrastructure facilities in the district. NRG's migrated from this districts as well know for their philanthropy. Vallabh Vidyanagar a resident university is located near Anand.

A giant thermal power station is situated at Dhuvaran. An ancient port Khambhat is kown for its handicrafts in Agatestone-Akik. Ashapura temple near Petlad and Swaminarayan Temple at Vadtal remains crowded with its devotees.

The region is known as "CHAROTAR" as the land is very fertile here.

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