Attraction of Anand City, What makes Anand Popular

AnandAnand district has 353 villages in its eight talukas, viz Anand, Ankalav, Borsad, Khambhat, Petlad, Sojitra, Tarapur and Umreth. Anand has the special distinction of being the mother town from where the white revolution of the cooperative milk processing and marketing originated. Anand the headquarter of the district is the headquarter of the N D D B and Amul Dairy.

Anand geographically located in Gujarat, India serves as the district headquarters in the state. The city is also known as the milk capital of the country. Anand city stretching  from the river bank of Mahi near Vasad to the bank of river Vatrak, situated near Mahemdabad, is popularly known as Charotar or Charutar. Anand came to be known as the milk capital of India after its milk revolution. Anand is a home to ‘Amul dairy’ which is the Asia's largest dairy. The villages included in the Anand region are Borsad, Petalad and Anand Talukas together known as the ‘Golden leaf’. This region of the state has got the highest production of tobacco. In Gujarati “Charotar” means a plot full of gold coins. This region is named so because the entire part of it is very fertile and productive.

Anand New Express Highway The city of Anand lies between Ahmedabad and Vadodra on the western railways which is 101kms from the states capital Gandhinagar. The Ahmedabad to Vadodra national express highway also passes through the city. The region has got a speedy economic development around Anand, Vallabh Vidya Nagar and Karamsad in the recent years. It is in the course of getting recognition on Municipal Board with the inclusion of other neighboring villages like Chikhodra, Karamsad, V.V.Nagar, Lambhvel, Mogri and others.

A large number of residence of villages of this district have migrated to many African as well as western countries and these NRG's have immensely contributed in setting up many educational, health and infrastructure facilities in the district. NRG's migrated from this districts as well know for their philanthropy. Vallabh Vidyanagar a resident university is located near Anand.

Geographic location

The entire region of Anand district covers an area of about 22.7 square kilometers. Whereas the city, region includes only 172 square kilometers, which incorporates 25 more villages bordering the city. The city is situated in geographic coordinates of 22.57” north and 72.93” east. The average altitude of the region is 127 feet or 39 meters from mean sea level.


As per 2001 census Anand has a total population of 300,462 which gives it a ranking of 219 in India. The district has got a population density of 711 persons per square kilometer. The growth of population as per 2001-2011 census is 12.57%. Anand has got a sex ratio of 921 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate of the city showed up 85.79%, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%.


Elecon AnandEconomy of Anand is very vibrant which ranges from agricultural based activities to small scale and large scale industries. The major crops produced by the city is tobacco and banana. Anand is a home to Amul Dairy known as the Asia’s famous dairy. The well- established industrial belt Vitthal Udhyog Nagar is located in the outskirt of Anand. This region has got many large scale industries like warm steam, Milcent, Elecon, Atlanta Electricals and others. The Amul Dairy sets up in Gujrat started a white revolution which made it the largest producer of milk and its related products in the country. AMUL is a home brand to India and it has got recognition in overseas market too.

A giant thermal power station is situated at Dhuvaran. An ancient port Khambhat is kown for its handicrafts in Agatestone-Akik. Ashapura temple near Petlad and Swaminarayan Temple at Vadtal remains crowded with its devotees.

The region is known as "CHAROTAR" as the land is very fertile here.

About AMUL

Amul Attraction of Anand (Milk Capital of Anand) Taste of India

Anand a name after Amul has got recognition after the set up of Anand Milk Union Limited or “AMUL” in 1946. The institution is a result of a strong Dairy Co- operative movement in the country. The Gujarat Co- operative milk marketing Federation Ltd or GCMMF used AMUL as a brand name and supervises it as the country’s topmost Co-operative association. The well known products of Amul are chocolates, baby foods, butter, cheeses and other milk based beverages. Other than India, Amul has also gained importance in over-seas markets. It serves to countries like Bangladesh, Mauritius, China, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Transport and communication

The national express highway connecting Vadodara and Ahmedabad passes by Anand. This city has a major railway junction. A broad gauge line is 

connected to Anand from two important Hindu pilgrimage spots Godhra and Dakor. There are five platforms in Anand railway junction. The city is well- connected with the rest of the country. The closest airports to Anand City are Baroda and Ahmedabad airport, having a distance of 65km and 40km respectively.

Main attraction in Anand

The main attraction in Anand is AMUL, the white revolution in India. It is known as a ‘milk city’ and Asia’s largest dairy producer. The famous festival celebrated in Anand is Navratri. This festival is celebrated in October to November each year. The festival is organized with traditional dances Dandia and Garba. The Navratri season brings fun to the entire region with its traditional dresses, songs and rituals.

Some of the other tourist attractions in the district of Anand include Dakor, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, Dabar Ghat, Sardar Vallabhbhai Pateland Veer Vitthalbhai Patel museum, the Amul Dairy Co-operative museum of Anand, B.D. Rao college Museum, Swami Narayan Mandir.



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