History of Patel Patidar

History of PatelMany historical scholars believe that the PATIDAR originated from PUNJAB. During the oppressive rule of the Badhshah of Afghanistan, who had conquered PUNJAB, our people left PUNJAB with what little belonging they had for the refuge offered by MARVAD ruled by RAJAH BHOJ. However, while the Maravd area was a prospering area at the time, it was impossible for the settlers to acquire any land. Upon hearing of uncultivated land available the KANBI, (as we were known at 1000AD), left for GUJURAT which was at the time ruled by the Solankis . They granted land equivalent to the size of a small gaam to each family. As a way of showing their gratitude the settlers decided to give a twelfth of their crop to the King, however it was very costly for the King to collect the crops from each farmer. As a solution to this problem, the King appointed a headman for each village who was in charge of recording and collecting crops. This was roots of the commonly used surname of Patel, the record books were known as Pat thus the record keepers were known as PATLIKH which was later shortened to PATAL and then became PATEL.

As Gujarat grew and changed, so did the payments farmers made to the Kings. Precariously there was a region in the kingdom where the taxes were high at times or low at others, henceforth this regions became known as CHAROTAR ( CHAD: climb up and UTAR: climb down). Gujarat was conquered between 1300-1400 AD ending the rule of the Hindu Kings, this was accompanied by changes in tax policy and village governance structure. During the rule of Mohammed Bagdo, prosperous farmers were chosen from each village and property of land, in an effort to improve the production and quality of the crops in the kingdom. Whoever was given that land was called PATEDAR which changed to Kanbi Patidar and later to Patel Patidar.

From then onwards the Patidars have prospered and consequently became highly influential in the shaping of Gujarat, India and now the world.

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